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Famous phrases Testers vs Devs (Negotiation)

At the very beggining of my professional career I though that only Argentinean Developers excuses their errors but after few years I’ve noticed that its a common characteristic. My favourite phrase is:

It works in Dev (Environment)!.
A magical phrase to disappear the bug or to justify a mistake. It might sounds funny but its a big challenge for testers to deal with the developer and make him understand without argueing.
Keeping in mind that many developers feels they are under an on-going evaluation by the Test Area; Testers have to become skilled mediators.

In companies where there are unclear processes about how to create Use Cases or the developer has the chance of using his imagination, while the system is being tested you can hear phrases like:

* This functionality wasn’t specified.
* I didn’t do it as expected because I found a better way to do it.(Mostly wrong)
* Nobody will make a mistake loading information, etc.
I’m going to post more phrases but the most important thing here is never argue but negotiate and make developers understand bugs. Also, work to make them feel that they are not under evaluation.

By Sergio E Cusmai



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