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Skype and Facebook to Announce Partnership

Facebook and Skype are working on a deal that would integrate Facebook Connect with Skype accounts, AllThingsD has learned, citing sources familiar with the situation.

ATD has managed to get a hold of a screenshot showing the new features in action. Once you connect Skype() with Facebook(), you’ll be able to SMS, chat with or call your Facebook friends directly from Skype. You should also be able to log in to Skype with your Facebook credentials.

The new features should go live ...


Happy Tester’s Day!

«On September, 9 (1945) the scientists of the Harvard University while testing the computer Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator have found a moth which has got stuck between the contacts of the electromechanical relay. The work they performed required some description, and the word has been found – «debugging» (literally: disposal of an insect) – and nowadays it is used to describe the process of identifying and eliminating bugs which cause a computer to malfunction. The removed insect was ...


U.S. deports alleged 12th Russian spy

By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Federal authorities detained a 12th person in their investigation of a Russian spy ring in the United States, and he has been deported to Russia, U.S. law enforcement officials said Tuesday

The man, Alexey Karetnikov, entered the United States in October and was living in the Seattle area, where he worked at Microsoft, according to federal officials and the company. Karetnikov, a Russian citizen in his early-to-mid-20s, had been held ...


COnference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology

Class Reunion of the Software Quality Community
For more than a decade now, hundreds of software developers, programmers, testers and software consultants have been meeting once a year at the CONQUEST – the «COnference on QUality Engineering in Software Technology” – in order to keep up with the most important developments and innovations in their field and discuss them within their community. The conference aims at raising the sector’s consciousness of the need for enhanced quality in software development and, ...

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